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Next Advanced Training:Brilliant at the Basics

24-26 March 2018 Sydney, Australia

8-10 October 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

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Brilliant at the Basics

24-26 March 2018 (Sydney, Australia) $600

8-10 Oktober 2018 (Pretoria) R4200


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Apply your knowledge of the relational paradigm practically in your everyday work with couples.

This course will help you to integrate the four meta theories, the four deepening interventions and the three main dialogues into a skillful art. Doing the basics right will make you a brilliant Imago Therapist.

This course is designed to review, deepen and expand the theory and clinical skills taught in the Basic Clinical Training. You will learn to move beyond the mechanics of facilitation, and learn the artful and creative use of sentence stems, doubling, and focusing. You will also learn to integrate the four "meta theories" of Imago with these deepening tools, making the theory practical in everyday use with couples. This also gives the therapist a lens to make interventions based on the couples' level of differentiation, safety, and developmental stage.

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Characterological Growth

7-9 August 2018 R4200

Working with Character Adaptations and Projections

This three day experience deepens theoretical understanding of characterological adaptations to pain  through experiential processing at a personal level. In the Talmud there is a quote, "We can't see the world as it is; we see it as we are." The profound training takes the defense of projection and highlights the many ways we put it to use. As long as projection is available to us, we are out of connection with ourselves and others. This personal training is both exquisitely simple and complex, at the same time. Previous participants describe the training as "extraordinary and transformational."

How you will benefit from this training:

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From Despair to Repair:

4-6 June 2018 R4200

Helping Couples Heal and Grow Through Crisis

In the face of a couple’s crisis, there are three different perspectives for the therapist to consider. The first perspective works for, and from, the ‘between’ of the relationship – the focus is on the interpersonal; the second, uses relational neuroscience as a map for inner attunement; and the third, helps the therapist with his/her own counter-transference and use of “self.” The end-point of all three perspectives is to provide the therapist with skills for helping couples move from Despair and Rupture to Repair and Connection. Using the principles of interpersonal attunement and intrapersonal attunement will provide a map of the terrain that needs to be covered when working with couples in crisis. Having a clear navigational system that includes exploring counter-transference reactions will ultimately enable us to effectively help couples heal and grow through crisis

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Advanced Courses

We are very excited to be bringing to the community a new series of Advanced Trainings. These 4 courses have been designed to help both novice and experienced Imago Therapists deepen and expand their clinical skills. Together, they form a cohesive and comprehensive training, intended to bring you to a higher level of clinical excellence. From this point forward, these 4 courses along with Characterological Growth, will be considered the core curriculum to become an Advanced Certified Imago Therapist (see below).

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Singles Clinical Training

5-9 May 2018 R6500

Working with singles from the relational paradigm


 Designed to help therapists become more effective in reparing their single clients for committed relationships and marriage. This training is designed for relational work in a group setting with theory and processes to show single people how to modify their character adaptations in an intimate relationship. In relationship we were wounded, and only in relationship can we be healed. This course is also useful for therapists in doing character work with couples.

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