Certification and ongoing training

All therapists that have started their training from 2009 and later, must complete a six month supervision for certification. What this means is that you need to have six sessions where you get supervision on a videoclip of your work or that you do sessions with Joy Clark on your own personal growth and stretches as an Imago therapist.

The following options are available.

  1. Attend supervision days. Count for two sessions. Pretoria R750
  2. Have a supervision session with me. This is 90 minutes. (Pretoria) R750.
  3. Have a supervision session with Joy. (Johannesburg/Cape Town/Bloemfontein))

For supervision with me, either the day or a session, you need to bring a video clip of a full Session. It must be an Imago Couples Dialogue. What I want to see there, is how you

  • Move the couple through all the steps of the dialogue (mirroring, summary, validation and empathy)
  • The couple switch at least once. This means that both partners get a chance to send and to receive.
  • How you use deepening techniques (sentence stems, doubling, focussing, directives) to deepen the affect in the dialogue.
  • All the elements on the scoresheet. You can download it here.

Supervision days are:

  • 16 April 2018
  • 9 July 2018
  • 15 October 2018

The time we end depends on how many tapes we need to watch. It can be earlier. It will not be later than 16:00.

What I prefer is that you attend two supervision days and do two supervision sessions with Joy Clark. This will gives you six supervision sessions.

You can contact me to book for a session or day at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can contact Joy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final Tape

If you have completed the supervision period or you have done your training before 2009, you can bring me a final tape. This is not supervision. You need to fulfill all the criteria for certification. This means you must score 70% or higher on the scoresheet. This must be a tape of full session of an Imago Dialogue. You can book a final valuation session with me.

If you don't get 70%, I will give you technical suggestions and growth gifts to assist you towards certification. With that applied, you can bring me another tape till you certify. Remember. As Maureen Brine always say: You already have a A+ - we will get you there!

I like the piece in the training manual that say

"The between assignments may very well trigger anxiety and avoidance. Notice any resistance you may have to doing the assignments, explore it, and use it to develop empathy for client's resistance to doing the work in the office and out. Then just do the assignment anyway. The best way to find out you won't die from dong something is to do it and not die. The Imago Supervision process is designed to help you feel safe so you can overcome your own resistance to giving up your defensive character structure and grow into your fullest potential."

The clip will show you helping the couple learn and align with the structure of the Imago Dialogue. The camera will show a frontal view of you and side views of your clients. You will be given feedback on this tape to help move you a step further toward certification and your growth as an Imago therapist.

The tapes should show you holding a couple in Dialogue and facilitating Dialogue.


Creating a safe environment for the couple to do their work, helping the Sender and the

Receiver to co-create safety in the Dialogue.


Supporting, coaching, teaching, doubling, and being present.



Partners are talking to each other; partners are mirroring each other; when appropriate partners are validating and empathizing with each other.